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Not All Businesses Are Created Equal
Custom Marketing Automation By The Best In The Business
3 Key Activities Every Business Must Do To Succeed Online... 
#1: Marketing Strategy
Marketing is a curse word for most business owners, and this is attributed to one thing: It can be a massive waste of money. At Versi we help you set a long term goal and we create an actionable strategy that allows you to track the DIRECT ROI of every marketing activity you do so you can cut the dead marketing strategies and adopt the most current strategies that best align with your goals as a business. This 3-step process becomes the backbone of your entire marketing process.   
#2: Funnel Hacking
Our Web Design team will take an in depth look at the performance of your website to determine its profitability. If your site has a high profitability score, this will become the hub for all of your online marketing efforts. A quality site is no longer a site but a sales funnel that directs your customers to the desired actions you wish them to take, and not for a simple informational flyer. If your site needs a boost in profitability, we will build a funnel to subsidize your website that will direct customers to the exact activities you want them to take. 
#3: Review Automation
Reviews are the fuel for any business and help you manage your reputation. As certified partners for ReviewLeadTM we will completely automate your review process across any platform in which you want reviews. With this powerful software you can prevent bad reviews before they are posted, and with real time monitoring will keep you up to date on your reviews. Our simple 3 tap process will prompt your customers to leave reviews so you don't have to take time to do it on your own. This is a customer favorite!  
Utilize Our Professional Videographers To Make Your Business Shine
At the very core of marketing is a stunning interpretation of your products, services, and your culture. Let our visual geniuses take your business to the next level with custom tailored videos and photography that will entrance your audience with the highest quality representation to make you stand out far and above your competition...
Customer Automation And Retention Taken To The Next Level
Customer acquisitions has evolved and taken on a new, highly trackable form. We believe that any form of marketing you can't track is a form of marketing you need to cut out. Using the theory of unit economics we will determine your optimal cost to acquire a customer, and tailor your marketing campaigns to the platforms that can best facilitate your desired costs. There is a platform for any business. Here are a few examples of our favorites:
Linkedin: B2B Service/Product Business
Facebook: B2C Service/Product Business
Google: B2B & B2C Service/Product Business
Some Of The Awesome People We've Worked With...
"I highly recommend Versi Marketing! They helped us implement a new lead generation system that allowed us to produce 42 leads in our first 2 weeks which resulted in 4 new contracts for us! 
-Rene Anderson, Virginia Real Estate
"37 leads in 2 weeks with 6 under contract!"
-Genny Partsch, Genny Partsch Realtor  
"The Versi team was amazing to work with! I didn’t have the time or know-how to generate quality leads. He took over and managed everything for me. He produced over 130 leads in under a month which resulted in 5 contracts 2 of which were buyer and seller leads which produced my agency over $80,000 in commissions over the next 3 months! Versi Marketing will be a part of my lead gen for a long time"
-Jeff Hardy, Hardy Real Estate
Before Versi came in and took over our marketing we had a text program with over 30,000 people on it. Within 3 months of starting we had replaced that program and over doubled the revenue we made from these customers. 
-Dillon Goulding, Pizza Pie Cafe 
Before we started working with Versi Marketing we were a strictly word of mouth business. I thought I had saturated my area until they got started. Within the first month I had an additional 32 jobs which resulted in an additional $40,000 in revenue for my company. We are extremely grateful for the team at Versi and love the results we are getting with them.
-Cameron Smith, Dr. Ding Paintless Dent Repair
Our Happy ReviewLead Customers
46 new reviews in his first month!
-John Carson, John Carson DDS, PC
25 new customers this month!
-Ryan Horn, Horn Pest Managment
64 reviews in first month! 
-Mandaras Gallery
Hi, I'm Josh Tapp
CEO & Founder Of Versi Marketing
My name is Josh Tapp I’m the CEO at Versi Marketing. I started this company with my brother Tyler Tapp (CMO) to help small businesses maximize their online lead gen.
Long story short, I grew up as a mini entrepreneur, starting my first business on the street corner of my parent’s house with a sign that said “Stuff For Sale.”
My journey since then has included owning 3 of my own businesses in partnership with my brother who has operated 7 other businesses on his own.
In an attempt to grow our own businesses, we found that we both had a love for marketing which turned our attention to marketing for other businesses.
This has become a lifelong passion for us as we help small businesses to get their messages, products, and services out to the world.
We believe that business doesn’t need to be hard.
Don’t get bogged down in the marketing.
Outsource the marketing so you can focus on what you love, building and fulfilling on your business. 
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